My students complain that post-graduate education isn’t strong in China and want to go overseas. In rural areas, the elementary level is much worse…

China’s overvalued currency has inflated a real-estate asset bubble. Lending to developers has been riskiest (not surprisingly) by the least-regulated nonbank lenders who offer the highest returns. How it may blow up…(Thanks for this, Annie Levy) By a smart prof at Tsinghua with whom I sat on a China Radio International panel on the 9/11 anniversary…

Brookings’ 5-part series on many facets of the 2012 Party Congress, at which like 3/4 of China’s leadership will turn over. The rising leaders are from the “lost generation,” those sent to labor in the countryside instead of to school during the Cultural Revolution, and bring an unprecedented diversity of experiences. And because once they finally got to study they really dug in, they bring comparatively very high levels of education (PhDs) in diverse fields. The technocratic engineers in charge today, their time is over….Many thanks for this to Harry Williams of Carleton College, my Fulbright colleague now up north.

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  2. […] we question China’s retiring technocratic generation of builders? They’ll soon be replaced…It’s possible much of the build-out is ill-conceived. I don’t know. But Party […]


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