Dirty Words Football

Chinese soccer fans are big on dirty words. Guoan is Beijing’s soccer team, and national champions, much beloved. Imagine tens of thousands–some small children–screaming this all night: “Guoan [pointing at the field]! Sha bi [pointing at the other side]!” Rough translation: “Guoan fucks them!’ I understand it to literally mean, “Yeah, Guoan! The other side is a stupid vagina!”

The kids have been pleading for Gusan tickets. Great friend Vincent got us tickets to last night’s game vs. Dalian (northern industrial coastal city). They cost about $16.

Note: instead of tossing beach balls in the stands, as at Met games, oh the innocence, here the items of choice for hitting around the stadium are inflated condoms. Guo, by the way, means nation. An means peace.

I don’t know if there’s a history of hooliganism but Dalian fans got their own fenced cage, surrounded by riot police. Riot squads also ringed the field and the sidewalk outside.

My friend of 23 years, Bill Hoffman, joined us, visiting from Ho Chi Minh City where he travels for work. Good to see you, Bill!

British Curriculum continued yet again

Before the tournament

By Kenny

Hi folks BSB curriculm is back yet again!!! Whoo hoo!

So there was a Halloween disco and all you people at Glenfield are thinking, “No way, there was one at Glenfield, too, what a coincidence!” On the bad side it had ear-deafening music for 3 hours. On the good side, it was not just middle school, it was all of secondary school year 7 through 13. It was older music and there was dirty music. If you played it in Montclair they would sue the d.j.!

If you’re thinking, “Oh no, help! Montclair is so polluted what are we going to do?? Oh, I know, at the Science Fair my darling can do a Going Green project.” Well you know what? In Beijing it’s so polluted sometimes we have to wear an air mask. Do we have to do that in Montclair? I didn’t think so. And if it gets over 250 on the air quality, we can’t go outside for break. It’s not too snowy, it’s not too hot it’s too much pollution. So you know what Gray Russell, it’s pointless. You don’t need to clean up Montclair we need to clean up Beijing!

So if you’re wondering what it’s like for some of the kids at my school. A driver might pick them up from school in a Mercedes and after a drive to their house there is a big gate and there is another door. If you ring the door bell a lady could open it who is one of their ayis (a maid, ayi means “auntie”). If you look around you will see another ayi in the kitchen, and an ayi cleaning up stairs. WOW i wish i could have that.

Back to actual campus guess who’s coaching volley ball, the teacher who calls me “Sweaty Boy.” I don’t want to know what will happen if we lose a game.

But here’s the grand finale at a big football (soccer) tournement in the semifinal game i get tripped dribbling the ball, my jaw goes into a guy’s shoulder. He starts fake crying and i get a %$*#($&^! yellow card and the thing is, it hurts when I talk but I keep playing. We lost that game but we had to play one more game for 3rd place. And the thing is, I am centre of defense so I have to talk a lot and I still play and we won 3rd place!!!

That concludes for today time for lunch bye.